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Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery- private practice
Wiesław Kaczmarek

ul.Słowackiego 12/1

Poznań - POLAND

(+48)61 8 47 50 00
(+48)603 297 178

Conservative treatment of orthopaedic entities :

-low back pain
-scolioses and posture problems
-osteoarthritis problems
-osteoporosis treatment
-acute and delay trauma problems of the limbs and spine
-sport trauma
-congenital malformations of the limbs

Full diagnostics :

X-ray, CT, MRI

Surgical treatment :

All kinds of orthopaedic procedures, especially :
-hip joint prosthesis (cemented, uncemented, bipolar, resurfacing)
- knee prosthesis (primary and revision arthroplasty)
-scoliosis corrections
-spondylolisthesis stabilizations
-knee arthroscopy
- hallux valgus corrections
- nerve compression syndroms: like carpal tunnel or ulnar tunnel
-joint contractures
-ACL reconstructions